Gluten-Free Makeup and Skincare Brands

Skincare and makeup are two things that I use everyday and are important to my daily routine, so I wanted to look for the latest gluten-free products. I find when I use gluten-free skincare and makeup brands, I feel better, as do many people with celiac disease or who adhere to a gluten-free diet. Here are five of my favorite gluten free skincare and makeup brands. But first, here is why I find it important to use these gluten-free products.

Should You Buy Gluten-Free Makeup?

Your body’s negative reaction to gluten stems from your digestive tract, not your skin. In fact the protein gluten is too large to be absorbed through your skin. Therefore, facial products such as moisturizer, shouldn’t be an issue unless you are using them on your lips. However, anyone who has used skincare or makeup products knows how hard it is to completely avoid your lips, therefore risking ingesting a bit of product. Whether you accidentally touched your lips after spreading the product all over your face with your fingers, or later if some leftover residue was on your hands or under your fingernails, there is that small chance of ingesting the product.

With Celiac’s and other gluten allergies, it can only take the tiniest bit of cross-containmation to invoke nasty gluten reactive symptoms. Many skincare and makeup products contain gluten in the form of hydrolyzed wheat protein which is processed, but not enough to get rid of all the gluten. Because of this, I and others choose to not take the risk of this protein getting into our system and causing issues.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any of the below brands.

My 8 Favorite Gluten-Free Skincare and Makeup Brands

e.l.f Cosmetics –

e.l.f uses all gluten-free cosmetics and is 100% vegan and cruelty free, by not testing on animals or using animal products, according to the brand’s statement. Unfortunately, they can’t guarantee that the machinery used to process them is gluten-free, but I have been using their products for a while, and I have never had a bad reaction. They have great skincare products for every skin type. In addition, they have fantastic makeup. I use their lip products almost daily and face masks frequently.

Overall: These products are pretty safe to use.

Too Faced Cosmetics –

All of Too Faced cosmetics line is gluten-free with the exception of the Borderline Lip Pencil. The company has said that there may be cross-containmation in the manufacturing of the products, but I have never had a problem with them. In addition, they are a cruelty-free brand and offer a wide array of vegan products. Too Faced mascara is my go to product every morning.

Overall: These products are fantastic and safe.

Pangea Skincare –

All of Pangea’s skincare products are gluten-free with the exception of Oatmeal Bergamot Bar Soap due to cross contamination in the oatmeal from nearby wheat fields. They are certified cruelty-free and most of their products are vegan. They are a great skincare brand with a wide range of toners, cleansers, serums, and creams.

Overall: You can buy and use any Pangea product (with the exception of the oatmeal soap) with confidence that it is gluten-free.

Fenty Beauty –

Fenty Beauty products are formulated without gluten, and there are no detectable levels of gluten in manufacturing process which means there is essentially no cross-containamation. They are a cruelty-free brand and have many vegan products, with the entire Fenty skin care line being vegan. I love their serums, and many of their lipsticks.

Overall: Fenty Beauty has many great products, and is great for the earth. I highly recommend this brand.

Ilia Beauty –

All Ilia Beauty products are formulated without gluten, except Skin Radiant Priming Serum. They do have some gluten-free certified products, but since their products are made at different factories, some products do run the risk of cross-containamation. They are a certified cruelty-free brand, and use all organic ingredients. They have some vegan products. I use their Skin Tint with SPF almost every morning, and this brand is my go to for foundation with the True Skin Serum Foundation.

Overall: This is a very safe brand with many of the products being gluten-free certified.

Everyday Minerals

Everyday minerals products are formulated without wheat, rye, and barley products. They can’t guarantee that their products are fully gluten free due to cross-containmation. They are cruelty-free brand with all vegan products. They have fantastic skin care and makeup products. I love using their lip scrubs.

Overall: This brand has safe, great products.

Tarte –

Tarte products are formulated without gluten products. They can’t guarantee that their products are fully gluten free due to cross-containmation. Tarte products are some of my favorite makeup products – I use their concealer and powder quite frequently – and I have never observed gluten symptoms from them. They are a cruelty-free brand and have many vegan products.

Overall: This is a great brand, with great products.


All of Maelove’s products are gluten-free, however there may be cross-containmation in the manufacturing of the products. This brand is cruelty-free, and dermatologist approved, alongside all of its products being vegan. It has great pricing, and one of my favorite products is the Glow Maker serum.

Overall: This is a great brand with safe products.

You don’t need gluten-free makeup, but it is an option that can help you feel better. Some of these skincare and makeup lines may have cross contamination so don’t forget to exercise caution and avoid touching your lips and throughly wash your hands after using any product.