your guide to eating gluten free at fast food places! (part 3)

hey guys!! so one thing that definitely worried me at the start of this journey was how to order at fast-food restaurants. i mean…. fries being cooked in the same oil as the breaded chicken, employees not changing gloves?? sounds like a recipe for disaster (or cross-contamination) if you ask me. so while you can’t order at all fast-food restaurants (looking at you Burger King), here are some fast-food restaurants that as long as you inform the workers that you have a gluten allergy, you should be safely able to eat at. that said, this list is not professional advice, and there is always a risk for cross-contamination at any of these restaurants. please be careful while choosing where to eat especially if you have celiacs. none of these places are guaranteed to avoid cross contamination and there is always a risk of becoming sick after eating at these restaurants. gluten free items are underlined.

wendys – wendys is one my favorite fast food restaurants. entrees include strawberry summer salad, southwest avocado chicken salad, taco salad, and apple pecan chicken salad. sides include seasoned potatoes, apple bites, and strawberries, vanilla and chocolate frosty, all forms of fries, all forms of baked potatoes, and chili.

subway – I’ve said this many times, but Subway has some of my favorite salads. Select locations offer gluten-free bread, but your best bet is one of their salads. Toppings include all meats except meatballs, teriyaki chicken strips, chicken enchilada, falafel, seafood sensation, veggie patty, and vegan patty, all cheese, all dressings/condiments, and all veggies. Soups include black bean soup, broccoli and cheddar soup, mediterranean vegetable soup, spicy chicken tortilla soup, and tomato basil. Some locations offer a gluten-free brownie.

baskin robbins – baskin robbins is my favorite fast ice cream place. ice cream flavors include cotton candy crackle, raspberry sorbet, triple mango, baseball nut, no sugar added caramel turtle truffle, cherries jubilee, chocolate almond, chocolate, chocolate chip, cotton candy, daiquiri ice, gold medal ribbon, green tea, jamoca, jamoca almond fudge, lemon custard, made with snickers bars, mango frozen yogurt, mint chocolate chip, nutty coconut, orange sherbet, peanut butter ‘n chocolate, no sugar added pineapple coconut, pralines ‘n cream, rainbow sherbet, reese’s peanut butter cup, rum raisin, vanilla, fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt, very berry strawberry, watermelon splash ice, wild ‘n reckless sherbet, world class chocolate. other sweet treats include the unicorn creature creation, the monster creature creation, the mermaid creature creation, banana royale sundae, classic banana split, reese’s peanut butter cup sundae, two-scoop sundae.

thanks for following along on this series! as always, email us or message us on Instagram or Pinterest @flourlessfiesta for any comments, questions, or suggestions!

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