your guide to gluten-free at fast food places! (part 2)

hey guys!! so one thing that definitely worried me at the start of this journey was how to order at fast-food restaurants. i mean…. fries being cooked in the same oil as the breaded chicken, employees not changing gloves?? sounds like a recipe for disaster (or cross-contamination) if you ask me. so while you can’t order at all fast-food restaurants (looking at you Burger King), here are some fast-food restaurants that as long as you inform the workers that you have a gluten allergy, you should be safely able to eat at. that said, this list is not professional advice, and there is always a risk for cross-contamination at any of these restaurants. please be careful while choosing where to eat especially if you have celiacs. none of these places are guaranteed to avoid cross contamination and there is always a risk of becoming sick after eating at these restaurants. gluten free items are underlined.

pizza hut – pizza hut is pretty lit when it comes to gluten free. they partner with Udis and have the Udis certified gluten-free crust which is stored in it’s own container on it’s own shelf in pizza hut’s fridge. in addition, the cheese, marinara sauce, and pepperoni are stored in a gluten-free designated kit. finally every gluten-free pizza is freshly baked on designated parchment paper in our ovens. in addition to these storage techniques, team members who make your gluten-free pizza wear gloves and even use a designated gluten-free pizza cutter to cut your pizza to perfection. the cheese, marinara sauce, and pepperoni are the only truly safe toppings offered as they are stored in a seperate kit.

cold stone – cold stone has many gluten-free ice cream flavors so I am just going to list them out. amaretto, banana, black cherry, blueberry, butter pecan, butterscotch pudding, candy cane, caramel chocolate cheesecake, caramel latte, cheesecake, cherry vanilla, chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate pudding, chocolate raspberry truffle, cinnamon, coconut, coffee, cotton candy, dark chocolate, dark chocolate peppermint, dulce de leche, french vanilla, fudge truffle, ghirardelli® chocolate, irish cream, key lime, mango, marshmallow, mint, mocha, orange dreamsicle, peach, peanut butter, peppermint mocha, pina colada, pistachio, pistachio pudding, pumpkin, pumpkin cheesecake, raspberry, reese’s peanut butter cup, rum raisin, salted caramel, salted chocolate, sea salt fudge, sea salt sweet cream, sea salt vanilla bean, strawberry, sweet cream, vanilla bean, vanilla lite no sugar added, and white chocolate. all yogurts and soberts are gluten free. topping wise – almond joy®, butterfinger®, chocolate chips, chocolate shavings, ghirardelli® caramel square, gumballs, gummy bears, heath® bar, M&M’s®, peanut M&M’s®, rainbow chocolate drops, reese’s peanut butter cup, reese’s pieces, snickers®, white chocolate chips, york® peppermint patties are gluten free candy wise. other gluten-free toppings are coconut, chocolate sprinkles, marshmallows, peanut butter, rainbow sprinkles, sugar crystals, toasted coconut, all fruits, and all nuts. sauces are caramel, cinnamon, fudge, honey, reese’s peanut butter, and rich’s on top whipped topping. the banana split decision sundae and lifestyle smoothie mix mango juice are gluten-free.

kfc – the majority of sides on KFC’s menu are gluten free such as the coleslaw, corn on the cob, green beans, mashed potatoes, potato salad, sweet kernel corn,caesar side salad, and house side salad. so in a pinch, you could eat there. dressing-wise the buttermilk dressing, ranch fat-free. creamy caesar, light italian dressing are gluten-free.

taco bell – taco bell is an good fast mexican place. the power menu bowl. black beans and rice, crunchy taco, hash brown, spicy tostada, chips and pico/guac, doritos locos taco, and seasoned rice are all gluten-free!

dunkin’ donuts – dunkins doesn’t offer gluten-free donuts, but most of their drinks are gluten-free. the coffee, coolattas, energy punches, frozen chocolates, dunkaccinos, vanilla chai, cappuccinos, hot chocolates (not oreo), teas, shakes, coffle float, and strawberry coolatta float are all gluten-free! side-wise hashbrowns and the oatmeal are gluten free but be careful, as some people with gluten sensitivities are also sensitive to oats.

dairy queen – gluten free blizzards are the cotton candy blizzard, butterfinger blizzard, m&m blizzard, chocolate candy blizzard, reese’s peanut butter blizzard, snickers blizzard, and turtle pecan cluster blizzard. shakes include banana shake, caramel shake, chocolate shake, peanut butter shake, strawberry shake, and vanilla shake. other drinks include caramel moolatte, mocha moolatte, vanilla moolatte, lemonade twisty misty slush, misty freeze, mango pineapple smoothie, strawberry banana smoothie, tripleberry smoothie, orange julius, strawberry banana julius and misty slush. the ice cream includes banana split, peanut butter parfait, caramel sundae, chocolate sundae, hot fudge sundae, peanut butter sundae, pineapple sundae, and strawberry sundae. food includes grilled chicken blt salad, side salad, doritos nachos cheese tortilla chips, fries, lays bbq chips, oven baked chips, all sauces except gravy, chili cheese fries, bacon, and country plater with bacon, eggs, hash brown, and sausage.

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