your guide to gluten-free at fast food places! (part 1)

hey guys!! so one thing that definitely worried me at the start of this journey was how to order at fast-food restaurants. i mean…. fries being cooked in the same oil as the breaded chicken, employees not changing gloves?? sounds like a recipe for disaster (or cross-contamination) if you ask me. so while you can’t order at all fast-food restaurants (looking at you Burger King), here are some fast-food restaurants that as long as you inform the workers that you have a gluten allergy, you should be safely able to eat at. that said, this list is not professional advice, and there is always a risk for cross-contamination at any of these restaurants. please be careful while choosing where to eat especially if you have celiacs. none of these places are guaranteed to avoid cross contamination and there is always a risk of becoming sick after eating at these restaurants. gluten free items are underlined.

chick-fil-a – chick-fil-a is definitely my favorite fast food place. they have a wide range of gluten-free menu items. entrees include grilled chicken sandwich, grilled chicken deluxe sandwich, chick-fil-a grilled market salad (not including toppings such as croutons), grilled chick-fil-a nuggets, spicy southwest salad (minus the tortilla strips) and the gluten-free bun. hash browns, greek yogurt parfait, and the fruit cup make up your gluten-free breakfast items. for our sides, the iconic waffle fries, waffle potato chips and fruit cup are gluten free! go chick-fil-a!

mcdonalds – those red arches are iconic however, i wouldn’t suggest eating here for any meals. that said your safest bet is going to be the Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad, since it is prepackaged, there is a low-risk of cross-contamination. i have had this salad as a person with gluten-sensitivity with no issues. in addition, smoothies and coffee are good to go but no milkshakes as they will be cross-contaminated from any shake that contains oreos. fries are also a no-go because they are coated in a “wheat beef flavoring”.

burger king – burger king is worse than McDonald’s unfortunately. the only gluten free food option is the garden side salad, and the vanilla and chocolate shakes. in addition, when you go on the allergen list, the first popup is about how they are not responsible for cross-contamination which never makes me feel safe eating at a restaurant.

raising cane’s – don’t choose raising cane’s if it’s your turn to pick the restaurant. the only gluten-free options are the coleslaw, cane’s sauce, and beverages. not my idea of a fun meal either.

in-n-out – in-n-out is the actual bomb. with the exception of the hamburger buns, everything at in-n-out is gluten free. just tell your cashier that you have celiacs/gluten allergy and they will clean the station, change gloves, use separate utensils, and more!

einsteins bro’s bagel – einsteins! i’ve never been there but i’ve heard it’s a good morning option. obviously none of the bagels are gluten free but all the shmears, spreads, cheese, sauces, and veggie except granola are gluten-free. i don’t know what you’re going to do what that but here you go! sides include hash brown side, kettle chips, fruit cup, redskin potato salad, broccoli cheese soup, and chewy marshmallow bar. finally all drinks are gluten-free!

firehouse subs – firehouse subs is a delicious lunch place. any firehouse sub meat is gluten free, but not meatballs, and all cheeses. plus all salads are gluten-free. some locations offer a gluten-free roll. call your local firehouse to find out!

chipotle– chipotle slaps. love it, love it, love it! for chipotle order a burrito bowl, salad, or lifestyle bowl. all ingredients are gluten-free! to avoid gluten and cross-contamination avoid flour tortillas, and items containing corn may have trace amounts of gluten from the field where they were grown! in addition, they will gladly change gloves, and wipe down surfaces if asked.

starbucks – starbucks is my favorite coffee place. they have a bunch of drinks that are gluten free. americanos, all brewed coffees, cappuccinos, espresso, flat whites, hot lattes, all macchiatos, all mochas, all teas (hot and iced), hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, caramel apple spice juice, steamed apple juice, and all steamers. the gluten-free frappuccinos include smoked butterscotch, caramel ribbon crunch, espresso, caffe vanilla, coffee, caramel, mocha, java chip, white chocolate mocha, smoked butterscotch creme, caramel ribbon crunch creme, strawberry, chai creme, double chocolatly chip creme, matcha green tea creme, vanilla bean creme, and the white chocolate creme. frappuccinos have a high risk of cross contamination so i don’t recommend ordering them. all iced coffees are gluten free. iced coconut milk drinks, refreshers, juices, milks, sparkling water, and waters are gluten free. food wise egg bites, oatmeal, cocoa marshmallow bar, marshmallow bar, egg & cheese protein box without eating the crackers, cheese & fruit protein box without the crackers, prosnax boxes and trays, chicken & quioa protein bowls, prosciutto snack tray, salted almond chocolate bites, chocolate covered espresso beans, justin’s snacks, all fruits and nuts, all popcorn and chips, all meat and cheese snacks, and all bars except the jammy sammy.

dominos – dominos has a gluten free crust but according to their website there is a high risk of cross contamination, however I have had it as a gluten intolerant person and have been fine. in addition, there are barbeque chicken wings, hot chicken wings, sweet mango habanero chicken wings, all dipping sauces and all wing sauces.

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